Видео: Bay City State Park with Tesoro Cibola & Garrett Pro Pointer

Metal Detecting with Tesoro Cibola

My first video, I'll get better and learn some editing.

Metal Detecting Tesoro Cibola

Short Hot hunt today, Found my first Buffalo Nickle........WooHoo.

The new addition to the war on hidden treasure a Cibola

We look at the Tesoro Cibola and the Tejon as a great detecting team. The Cibola is simple and removes all the details, just set ...

Tesoro Cibola with DeepSilverDetector

My 2nd hunt with my new machine, not much found but learned a few things....which is always good. Found my first top soil coin ...

New Park Hunt , Tesoro Cibola, Token, Suprise Part 1

Just our first hunt in a local park, we hunted for about an hour, can't wait go back. Their has to be more goodies here.

Tesoro Cibola-First Good Find- Cane Field Bandits

My first good find on first hunt with brand new Cibola, a 1877 P Seated Liberty Dime.

Tesoro Cibola Конструкция металлоискателя

Tesoro Cibola Конструкция металлоискателя Подробное описание http://www.rodonit-spb.ru/tesoro-cibola.html Все ...

Tesoro Cibola Assembly

Assembling the Tesoro Cibola metal detector.

GoMetalDetecting a House

There are plenty of places to detect around a house. Around the sidewalk, under the porch, in the garden, etc.

GoMetalDetecting in Rain

The best time to go metal detecting, especially at the beach, is when it rains. Why? Because nobody goes to the beach when it's ...

See axman's near miss as tree falls at Bay City state park

Crew cut down the first few of 540 dead ash trees at Bay City State Recreation Area Wednesday, Jan. 7.

Metal Detecting: 2014 Hunt #24 SILVER and its not a coin

More clad and an awesome STER Cross, check it out, also found a keychain.... and some brass.. To Date: Using: Tesoro Cibola, ...

Tesoro Cibola in the Coin Garden Pt3

Never thought getting these videos finished and edited would be such a task!! HD is too time consuming until I get another ...

Tesoro Vaquero Park Hunt-04 7-23-2011

Park Hunt with the Tesoro Vaquero Part 4 7-23-2011.

Out Detecting With The Cibola 6/2/11

Went out to a new location and found some promising dates. No silver coins but a sliver of a silver ring. I'm going back to this ...

Metal Detecting with Tesoro Cibola and Garrett Ace 250

Part 1 of 5 Metal Detecing a park, had fun and found some clad. Wife first time hunting with my Ace 250.

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