Видео: Midas M32 and DL251 compatibility

How Preamps Work: 2.5 dB Gain vs .5 dB Digital Trim - MIDAS M32 + BEHRINGER X32 with DL251

Musician's Pro is an authorized dealer. Email us for BEST pricing: [email protected] Be sure to JOIN our FACEBOOK ...

Getting your M32 & X32 to extend AES50 over 100 meters!

This video covers the Klark Teknik DN9610. AES50 repeater. With this you can extend your AES50 up to 100 meters (330') per ...

Midas M32 Tutorial - Inserting Outboard Effect Processors

How to insert an external processor into the audio signal path using the Aux in's & out's.

MIDAS PRO SERIES DL252 16 Input, 48 Output Stage Box with 16 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers

In this video we show you the DL252, a 16x48 Stage Box with 16 MIDAS Microphone Preamplifiers.

Midas M32C and DL32

Trio Depot @ NAMM 2015 - Midas M32C and Stagebox Midas DL32 with Chase McKnight.

How to Connect two X32/M32 consoles to one or two DL 16/32 or S16/32 stageboxes

Join us in taking a deeper look at console and stage box configurations with the M32/X32 series.

KLARK TEKNIK Link your DN9650 AES50 Card to your M Series and PRO Series

How to link your DN9650 to your M Series and PRO Series console using the AES 50 Network Module.

Midas DL153 VS Behringer X32 PREAMP

Finaly a video that compair the sound of Behringer X32 Pre's to the highend one form Midas Pro Serie DL153.

Midas #101 with Jim Roese - Multiple Console Set Up Over An AES50 Network

In this video, Jim Roese shows how to connect two Midas Pro Series consoles together into a clock synchronous network allowing ...

Yamaha CL and Midas Pro Series Integration. Dante and AES50 Splits

Mark Payne from SFL Group, one of the UK's leading Yamaha and Midas dealers, explains Dante to AES50 integration allowing ...

Upgraded my Behringer X32 to a Midas M32!

Pretty excited to have the new console. I also ordered (2) Midas DL16 stage boxes, a Behringer SD8 stage box, and a Pro-x road ...

MIDAS M32 Quick Tips: Upgrading Firmware

In this quick tip video, we show you how to easily upgrade the firmware on the M32 Digital Console. For more information, please ...

I/O routing on Midas DL32. Splitting outputs between 2 M32's or X32's

This video shows how I connect my dl32 stagebox to my m32c for Monitors and my M32R for FOH. This way I can split the outputs ...

M32 Quick Tip - DL32 FOH/Monitor Split

In this video we show you how easy it is to use the AES50 "B" port on the DL32 to split your inputs to a second M32 console.

Midas #101 with Jim Roese - The Different Choices in AES50 Stageboxes

In this video, the different types of Midas AES50 stage boxes are explained in detail. Did you know that if you subscribe to the ...

Klark Teknik DN9650 connecting to a Midas Pro1 and RME MadiFace

Here's a quick tutorial on how to connect a Klark Teknik DN9650 Network Module to a Midas Pro console. I'm running Generation ...

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