Видео: Minelab Equinox vs Excalibur vs CTX 3030 Which is the better Beach Machine?

MINELAB EQUINOX 800 11" coil vs 15" coil vs CTX 3030 17" coil vs golden chain SEE THE RESULTS!

This video contains tests with the both Minelab Equinox 800 11" and 15" coils, and with Minelab CTX 3030 17" coil. This is a test, ...

Excalibur VS Equinox and Short Beach Hunt!

2018 Episode 120 - In this episode I make a short trip to the beach and then experiment with a couple "tests" with the Excalibur ...

July 31, 2018 - Minelab Equinox vs CTX3030 & Excalibur Comparison

Minelab Equinox vs the CTX3030 and Excalibur at the beach, which is better?

Equinox 800 vs CTX 3030 comparing signals and VDI with live digs!

In this video I am comparing a variety of targets with the CTX 3030 and Equinox 800. I am coin hunting on these hunts so mainly ...

Equinox Vs Excalibur - Gold Chain + Gold Ring Test

Testing the Nox Against The Excal and we test A GOLD CHAIN ...

Equinox 800/3030 test-Depth test

Depth test and three extra tests. 800 vs 3030 Equinox sniffs out 24k chain at 4”...can the 3030?

Problems I Have Experienced With the Equinox 800

I have 2 Equinox 800's and I have had my share of issues with the units. Check out the video to see the issues and whether I ...

Equinox Vs Excalibur @ The Honey Hole, Who is the King ?

The Equinox is out and were going to test it against the Excalibur to see who is the real king of the beach http://rt6detectors.com/ ...

Excal VS Nox Underwater!

2018 Episode 211 - I have been doing a little shallow water diving lately with the Excalibur and the Equinox. In this video I talk ...

Ctx 3030 vs Excalibur II Parte 1. Los mejores para playa!!!

Este es el primer video de la comparación entre los dos mejores detectores para playa que existen, en esta parte 1 voy a hacer ...

Equinox 800 vs AT Pro!

In this video I do little comparrison of the Equinox and AT Pro. Each detector has it's good and bad points. I actually plan on ...

Saltwater metal detecting, stable settings

Minelab Equinox 800, Minelab Excalibur II, Quest pro, Makro multi kruzer, Quest scuba tector. How to stabalise machine.

ctx3030 vs ATX

doing a depth test with my atx and my new ctx.

We Have a New Toy!

You can never have enough toys! We have a new one to add to our inventory and I am hoping it will be a valued addition.

Testing Equinox Coils

I got the 6" and 15" coils and wanted to do a comparison test to see the differences in the depths and response of each coil.

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