Видео: Rabi-Ribi: BNA Boss Rush (Impossible) All-Extreme

[Rabi-Ribi] BNA Boss Rush - No damage (BEX, right-side)

More than 10 times of 1 or 2 hit fail, which makes me SOOOO mad. Took more time than any other SP bosses no damage ...

[Rabi-Ribi] SP Miru - No Damage (BEX, Extreme)

Third SP Boss no damage challenge. The pattern was frustrating, especially first phase Noa and Alius(Which needs to memorize ...

Rabi-Ribi: BNA Boss Rush (BEX) DPS 6727.75

I think DamageDone+1000000 every time I use BunnyMemories.

Rabi-Ribi: BNA Boss Rush (BEX) Right-Side

w/o consumable items and BunnyMemories.

[Rabi-Ribi] SP Syaro - No Damage (BEX, Extreme)

Most favorite SP Boss. Used 1.99q version because of the bug in the latest version which makes SP Syaro unbeatable.

Rabi Ribi - True Boss Rush (Bunny Extinction Difficulty)

So here's the hardest thing in the whole game. All bosses from Prologue Cocoa to Irisu in a row on the hardest difficulty. And no ...

Rabi-Ribi: SP-BossRush (BEX) Right-Side

I tried to achieve the SP-BossRush in a custom map, but BNABossRush was implemented during this battle...

【Rabi-Ribi】Bunny Extinction - True Boss Rush 38:33

Version:1.65 Time:38:33 Max Combo:10196 Items: http://imgur.com/SHHOfoU Badges: http://imgur.com/IJxQXu2 or you can try ...

Rabi-Ribi | BEX Loop 5 Lv. 1010 Miru

Tried to conserve healing items so I didn't use any, ended up using Town Buffs because I couldn't beat her without them.

Rabi-Ribi: Miru SPECIAL Lv.1988 (HELL-HARD)

HP 1.26M?? I wanted to fight this Illusion Alius!

[Rabi-Ribi] Dodge Master Miriam - No Damage MAX Rank, Hard

The first post-game boss. This fight is actually really amusing. Her AI is so broken that I hardly need to do any dodging.

Rabi-Ribi Blind Playthrough Part 173 (0% Impossible Fails)

https://store.steampowered.com/app/400910/RabiRibi ...

Rabi-Ribi: Erina Boss Rush [BEX]

Marathon of the game's eight extra bosses. As a personal challenge, I opted not to use buffs or bunny memories. Most of them are ...

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