Видео: Spore: Galactic Adventures Video Review

Spore Galactic Adventures Video Review by GameSpot

Spore's first full expansion is overflowing with wit and charm, and it offers resourceful players a chance to get creative. Read the ...

Dirty Reviews - Spore Galactic Adventures

Spore Galactic Adventures! What could be more fun? Oh, produced by EA Games?!?!?! THEY HAVE NEVER LET ME DOWN.

Spore Galactic Adventures Launch Trailer - The Space Captain

Take a look at the first expansion pack to Spore. See our Space Captain go from zero to Galactic Hero as he equips cool new ...

Spore: Galactic Adventures Gameplay/Walkthrough | Part 1: Bad Cell Life

Please remember to leave a like if you enjoyed :D! ▻ Subscribe for more videos! http://bit.ly/RKuB4S ◅ Full/updated playlist here ...

Greatdictator reviews : Spore Galactic Adventures

Sorry that i hardly uploaded ANYTHING this week and the nothing last week hopefully this might be entertainign and next week ill ...

Spore Galactic Adventures Tutorial - Advanced

An advanced tutorial for Spore Galactic Adventures.

Spore : Looking Back Review

Archivist42 takes a look back at the game Spore released in 2008 and gives us a review of the game. Subscribe to VISO Games ...

Spore Galactic Adventures Trailer

Electronic Arts Maxis presents: The Spore Galactic Adventures Trailer! Take a look at the first expansion pack to Spore. See our ...

Spore, Galactic Adventures review p1

my review of the expansion pack "Spore, Galactic Adventures.

Destroying Enemy Civilizations Through Global Climate Destruction in Spore Galactic Adventures

Welcome to Spore! Spore is a evolution game where you start as a single cell object and as you eat, you gain DNA and abilities!

What Happened to Spore?

Spore was a great game that slowly faded into obscurity as time elapsed. Now, we look back on what happened to this beloved ...

Spore Galactic Adventures User Upload Challenge 1

User IbeeejayI's CRYGOTH has been chosen as the best captain video: ...

Game Review: Spore and Spore Galactic Adventures

A review on Spore and spore Galactic Adventures, for the first time, reviewed by Lucarian.

SPORE™ Galactic Adventures! Grox Mod!

Happy New Year everyone! I just wanted to share my son's creature on his Spore Galactic Adventures game with the new mod he ...

Spore Galactic Edition Video Review

I Review Spore Galactic Editon ((C)Maxxis) For My Forums. http://texgaming.us.to Make sure to add me (_Dave) as your refferal:)

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